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The Spirit of Women national network is a MOVEMENT for change in the way women experience healthcare. As a Spirit of Women hospital, Thompson is committed to making good health easier and to helping women and their families take ACTION that results in better health. Spirit of Women hospitals aspire to the highest standards in women’s health outreach and clinical care.

As a Spirit of Women member, we find the very best in women’s health programming from across the country and bring it to our area. Thompson Health supports the ongoing celebration of women's health through Spirit of Women because we believe that knowledge and community support are keys to wellness.

Spirit of Women is more than just a club; you become an important part of a support system for women of all ages, helping to nurture your well-being and enrich your life. Membership benefits include:

  • Spirit quarterly e-Magazine and monthly e-Spirit health promotions
  • Advanced notice by e-mail or direct mail for upcoming events
  • Reduced admission at all Thompson Spirit events
  • Free health screenings
  • The opportunity to make positive changes in your life by:
    - Sharing fun times
    - Learning to make healthy lifestyle choices
    - Making new friends
If you are not already one of Thompson Health's Spirit of Women members, what are you waiting for? Becoming a member is easy.
Simply fill out our online form and get started with your free membership today.

Monthly Spirit Promo    
  There are many reasons to stop lighting up. In the end, the main reason for quitting must be based on YOUR choice to make health a priority. Smoking cessation will allow you to live a fuller, longer life... you deserve it. Make a choice for better health with Thompson Health. Did you know that cigarette smoking is the leading cause of PREVENTABLE death in the U.S.? 
Download our Smoking is Not Hotfact sheet for more information on smoking and smoking cessation.  

Thompson Health offers one on one Smoking Cessation counseling sessions (7 sessions), call the Wellness line at 396-6111 for more information or to register.